About Us

Hymnorama is an online Christian portal that gives spiritual motivation through Christian Hymns and Worship Songs. Our avid readers are also able to access our spiritual books and learn about interesting topic like spiritual warfare, spiritual science and more.

Our main objective is to spread the gospel of God the Almighty through Praise and Worship. We believe that through this portal, many lives have been changed and we have impacted positively as we await the Second Coming of the Lord.

What to Expect from Us

At HYMNORAMA we believe in Praise and Worship as a way to communicate with God. We are an online portal that spreads the word of the Almighty through Christian hymns, Praise and Worship Songs and Spiritual Reads.

Our core business is to get you that special moment when you connect spiritually with God and give glory and honor for all the good deeds He has done upon your life. We also provide mentor-ship and counseling for those who are feeling weak and in despair. We believe that the web resource will give voice to the voiceless and hope to the hopeless in God’s Holy Name.


Our interactive platform is made to make you feel blessed as you enrich your life in an Amazingly Intuitive Way! Feel free to contact us for any queries, suggestions and recommendations.

Be Blessed, Stay Blessed. Always!